5 Tips on How to Explain a Business to the Masses With Video

The dominance of video is undeniable. With four times as many consumers preferring to watch video about a product than to read about it, video is clearly consumers’ preferred medium to learn about new services or offerings. And not only is it preferred, but video is impactful. Research shows 46 percent of viewers take action after watching a video, and shoppers who view a product video are 1.81 times more likely to purchase the item compared to non-viewers.

One of the easiest ways for businesses to harness the power of video is through animated “explainer” videos, which quickly grab an audience’s attention and tell compelling stories in as little as 60 seconds. Though these videos have been around for more than a decade, the industry’s understanding of how they work and a set of data-driven best practices for creating them have only been established recently. Here are five tips for creating video scripts that get real results and stand out from the crowd.

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