5 Key Considerations for Live-Stream Content (from Twitter)

If you haven’t heard by now, live-streaming is an important consideration for your social media marketing strategy. Video content, in general, is now the best performing content type on most social platforms, but live-streaming, in particular, has been given increased emphasis, with Facebook giving live content an extra reach boost and Twitter looking to put more emphasis on live content via dedicated alerts and space within the app.

What’s more, the opportunities of live-streaming are set to increase as the platforms put more focus on video content, and on merging traditional TV-style broadcasting within offerings. While some reports have suggested that the take-up of live-streaming hasn’t seen the growth the networks had hoped, the emphasis on new, original content from established studios and publishers will make it a more enticing option, as your live-stream content will have the potential to be shown alongside these high traffic broadcasts as a recommended option.

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