46% of Consumers Confirm They Made a Purchase After Watching a Branded Social Video

As s video marketers, we tend to love data which shows that our market is very large – because far too many of the companies and clients that we work for are still trying to reach lots of eyeballs – just like they did a generation ago during the heyday of network television. Well, the branded social video market does reach a lot of eyeballs these days. But, we sell ourselves short if we don’t make the extra effort to explain to the aging Baby Boomers who run most of the companies and clients that we work for why the social video market isn’t a mile wide and an inch deep like network TV’s audience once was. (The prime time audience for network TV peaked back in 1978 – before, first, cable TV and, then, social video started reducing it to only half-a-mile wide and half-an-inch deep today.)

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