3 Popular Social Media ‘Hacks’ – The Pros, The Cons and The Risks

An inevitability in the age of algorithms is that people are going to try and find ways to ‘hack’ them, to cheat the system, to get an advantage based on whatever tools they think they have available.

Of course, that approach makes sense – if you can get your business more exposure, why wouldn’t you? This is particularly true of platforms like Facebook, which now reaches 2 billion people. If you knew a way to cheat Facebook’s News Feed algorithm and boost your reach, you’d do it, especially since Facebook organic reach for Pages has declined so significantly in recent times.

Unfortunately, good ‘hacks’ are hard to come by. I use the term ‘hacks’ in inverted commas because most of these aren’t hacks, as such – hacks, in a more literal, tech-related context, relate to sifting through lines of code and finding a way in, based on in-depth data knowledge.

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