3 Essential Social Media Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Survive (and Grow)

A few years ago, then 27-year-old Millennial woman entrepreneur Avi Loren Fox made a hooded-scarf out of some cozy old sweaters–simply because she wanted one, and couldn’t find it in stores. When she wore it out into the world, so many people would stop her and say “What is that? I want one!” that it led to her starting WildMantle.com, an independent luxury label of artisan USA-made hooded-scarves.

When she started her business, the word “crowdfund” was a vague concept at best, and she knew very little about ecommerce. Now–two successful Kickstarter campaigns later, and with growing online sales–Avi considers herself more well-versed in the ecosystem of online selling and social media. Here, she shares 3 of the essential tools she now leverages and wished she had known about from the day she started her business.

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