From $2/day to $65,000/day with Google Display Network, here’s what I learned…

In 2007 I started my first online ad campaign.

It was a pathetic $2/day campaign because all I could spare was $60. Even that was only because I decided to pay half the electric bill and roll the dice on Google Adwords.

Back then it wasn’t called the Google Display Network. It was called Site Targeting and they were letting you put your ads on other people’s sites without having to negotiate. You could do it all right through Google.

They did this through the Adsense network. Basically, if a site was running Adsense ads on it, you could target that site’s adsense units to show your ads.

Long story short I made $150 back from that initial $60.

I kept doubling my money for 11 months in a row. The rest is history. I’ve since spent just a frog’s fart above $4 million on Google Display ads.

Here are the rules I developed along the way…

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