25% Of Amazon Sellers Use Google AdWords, Search To Advertise, Per Study

About 60% of Amazon sellers promote their goods through the marketplace’s Sponsored Products platform, but some look toward other advertising platforms to get the word out about their products.

Campaigns on sites like Facebook remain a tool for Amazon sellers, with 42% saying they use social media to advertise. Some 36% use product listings; 25%, AdWords and/or search marketing; 13% turn toward Google Shopping; 13%, A+ Content; 8%, display or banner ads; 4%, print advertising: and 3% seek an advertising agency for help.

The report, The State of the Amazon Marketplace, published by Feedvisor, a business intelligence software provider, analyzes responses from 1,600 Amazon merchants about their selling habits, revenue, concerns, and plans for the future. Their answers shed light on the evolution of Amazon’s marketplace.

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