2021 Next Big Thing In Advertising: Over-the-Top Television

Users with at least one Over-the-Top Television subscription is at 83.7% in 2021 and expected to reach 88.1% by 2025. That represents a dizzying 278.5 million people! It begs the question, why is OTT growing so rapidly?

As with most things, there’s no “one” clear factor. While the pandemic certainly contributed to part of the uptick in 2020, streaming service usage was skyrocketing even before then.

It today’s hyper connected world we demand easy access and immediate gratification. OTT delivers on both. If you want to see favorite movie or show there’s no need to look up a TV guide or pencil it on your calendar, one click and you’re streaming it in your living room. When you pair devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and even Xbox with your standard Smart TV, your entertainment options are endless.

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