12 Rules for Finding the Marketing Automation Mix That Works for You

Marketing bloggers seem to discuss automation topics in one of two ways. They either pledge full loyalty to their new robot overlords, or they warn readers to stay away, citing the need for emotional authenticity in marketing, an impending marketing job crisis among humans, or any number of other factors.

Or at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten by scrolling through my Twitter timeline and news reader apps in the four or so years that have passed since “marketing automation” became a hot topic. Everyone’s either Gaius Baltar or Sarah Connor – there’s no middle ground.

It makes a lot of sense from a media perspective. Taking a stand is what makes good content, right? Opinionated rants and promises of deliverance are great for driving social shares, clicks and even reads. It just means the middle ground can’t find much practical advice. What about those of us who are genuinely interested in using automation to build our businesses but just want to make sure we do so smartly and incrementally, one case at a time, one channel at a time and one triggered workflow at a time?

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