11 Unbelievably Specific Facebook Audiences You Can Target

As I was jogging by the Charles River one recent morning, a Pandora ad advertising a primary care practice in downtown Boston came on. Weirdly enough, I had just conducted research on finding a new doctor earlier in the day. Creepy, huh?

Perhaps, but creepy might be the new normal. With more user data and targeting capabilities than ever before, online marketing is continuing to become more and more personal. Yes, at times this may turn shoppers off, but typically it draws shoppers in because businesses that are doing it right are showing consumers products and offerings that they’re genuinely interested in.

Facebook is at the forefront when it comes to targeting options to home in on your business’s buyer personas and show them the most relevant offerings. With over 1.49 billion active monthly users on Facebook it’s critical for marketers to get granular when targeting, and luckily Facebook allows you to layer targeting options upon each other so you don’t waste spend on people who are out-of-market.

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