10 Things to Consider for Your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again, time to start analyzing successes, owning up to the failures, and looking ahead to your 2018 plans. While it can be easy to keep your marketing engine running on the status quo, in today’s marketing world, it’s important to look at the new tools, technologies, and features that are available to make sure you are doing everything to be successful and continue to grow, learn and thrive.

As you look ahead to the coming year, here are ten things that you should take into consideration when you start crafting your 2018 digital marketing plan.

  1. Lean into Your High-Quality Content
  2. Create Content Pillars and Topic Clusters
  3. Launch a Growth-Driven Website Plan
  4. Ramp Up Your Facebook Marketing
  5. Test Live Chat and Chatbots
  6. Increase Your Video Marketing Budget
  7. Leverage Data-Driven Marketing
  8. Utilize Storytelling to Establish a Deeper Connection
  9. Get Specific with Micro-Targeting
  10. Use Website Personalization to Deliver Relevant Content

Let’s take a deeper look at each one of these potential tactics and how you might deploy them in your marketing plan this year.

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