10 Proven Ways to Turn Your Google Ads Campaign into an Expensive Pile of Crap

Google Ads (known as AdWords until very recently) are a great way to reach a specific group of people who are already looking for products or services that you offer. The possibilities of targeting and setting bids are vast, and Google is still introducing new tools as we speak, especially when it comes to machine learning.

Thanks to all that, a well-prepared campaign can bring you results that will be hard to duplicate in other channels. However, a campaign set up without proper knowledge of the tools and targeting methods will allow you to burn your budget faster than it took me to write this introduction. Today I will tell you what mistakes you can make to become a money-wasting champ. But if you love your money and prefer your campaign to be effective, you can skip my “money wasting hints” and read all the remaining stuff. Have fun!

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