10 ideas for selling your (unattractive) product on Instagram

Instagram is an exceptional photo-sharing social media platform. It’s young, it’s extremely popular, and it’s the most engaged platform after Facebook. 32% of U.S. teens cite Instagram as their favorite social network. But there is more. 53% of Instagram users follow their favorite brands on Instagram, and 44% use Instagram for product research. That’s more than any other social media platform!

So you need a really good reason to discard Instagram marketing. And “my product isn’t pretty” isn’t a good enough reason. I get it: Instagram marketing can be intimidating. It seems that the only brands that can win with it should sell mouth-watering food, clothes or beauty products. And that’s pretty much it. Truth is, it might be easier for them to come up with the appropriate content but their competition on Instagram is higher as well.

Although you might need a bit more filtering and creativity to sell, say, fridges than you would to sell flowers, your efforts won’t be wasted. So I highly suggest to consider Instagram marketing. And hopefully this article will help you with this.

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